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Airem Pack - Vodka 700ml + Gin 700ml Airem Pack - Vodka 700ml + Gin 700ml

Airem Pack - Vodka 700ml + Gin 700ml

Airem Artisanal Spirits: Purity Perfected - SAVE $45

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Airem Pack - Vodka 700ml + Gin 700ml
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Tasting Notes

Technical Info

Closure:Synthetic Cork

Organic Certification:CE-009802-2021

Country of Origin:Spain


Nestled amidst the enchanting beauty of Spain's Sierra Nevada mountains, Airem is a company that embodies a profound commitment to a core set of values, which manifest in every precious drop of its meticulously crafted spirits. At the heart of Airem's philosophy are values deeply rooted in reverence for Origin, unwavering dedication to Exclusivity, unyielding commitment to Pureness, and profound Respect for Nature. Airem's journey in the world of spirit production commences with a truly unique water source – the pristine, melted snow waters harvested from the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain. These pristine waters infuse each bottle of Airem's spirits with the essence of the untouched natural environment from which they originate. The company's spirits proudly bear the Certified Kosher label, a testament to their adherence to Jewish dietary laws, signifying they are "fit for consumption" by these standards. Additionally, Airem's spirits have earned the distinction of being Gluten-Free, making them a preferred choice for those with specific dietary preferences or restrictions.

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