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Micheal Opitz - Pinot Gris - Traminer / Orange 2020 Micheal Opitz - Pinot Gris - Traminer / Orange 2020

Micheal Opitz - Pinot Gris - Traminer / Orange 2020

Aromatic orange blend.

Single Bottle:

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Varietal:Orange blend

Varietal Blend:Pinot Gris, Traminer

Unit Size:750ml

Alcohol Volume:12%



Tasting Notes

In Burgenland's radiant Seewinkel, Micheal Opitz's vineyards produce pristine wines, shaped by nature's perfection. Dive into a deep orange sip with floral and herb hints, echoing apricots and nectarines.

Technical Info

Brand:Micheal Opitz


Organic Certification:ABG (AT-BIO 302) - 2-18390-2020

Country of Origin:Austria

Serving Temperature:10-12°C

Sugar Residual:0.1 g/l

Drink By:2025

Wine Ageing:10-Month in austrian oak an acacia barrels

Winemaking Style:Minimal Intervention

Harvest:Hand-harvested in small 15kg crates from late-August to early-Septemeber.

Winemaking:Cold pre-fermentation. Stainless steel fermentation under controlled temperature using indigenous yeasts on the skins (3 weeks) unfiltered with minimal sulfur added.

Viticulture:In an area dominated by dry soil, gravel, sandy loam, and primarily sediments, the presence of Lake Neusiedl and the numerous saline lakes in the Seewinkel greatly influence the region. This terrain sits under the Pannonian climate, elevated at 120m ASL.

Food Pairing:Grilled sardines with olive tapenade, Pumpkin risotto, Lentil stew, Roast quail with sage butter, Tandoori spiced grilled vegetables, Borscht with sour cream, Coconut and lime prawns

Taste Profile


Full Body





Tannins (Bitterness)


Micheal Opitz

What defines a truly exceptional wine? For Michael Opitz, the answer is simple: it must be a pleasure to savor. In essence, there's hardly such a thing as a "bad" wine; it's merely a matter of individual taste. The grape variety, the terroir, and the vintage—all of these elements are crucial, and each should be distinctly discernible on the palate. It's the harmonious interplay of these components that transforms a wine into a complete masterpiece. Nestled beneath the abundant sunshine of the southern Seewinkel region within Austria's Burgenland state. This exceptional terroir, with its unique flora and fauna and Pannonian climate, provides the perfect canvas for cultivating both white and red grape varieties. The result? Wines that are unpretentious and authentic. heir commitment to organic, sustainable, and equitable farming isn't a topic for extensive discussion—it's simply part of their ethos. True to their mantra, "No tricks. Just wine.," they minimize unnecessary technological intervention and processing.

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