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Lagravera - 'Onra' White  2020 Lagravera - 'Onra' White  2020

Lagravera - 'Onra' White 2020

Almond blossom, citrus, and stone fruit with a zesty, crisp finish.

Single Bottle:

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Varietal:White Blend

Varietal Blend:White Grenache, Sauvignon Blanc

Unit Size:750ml

Alcohol Volume:13.5%



Tasting Notes

Lagravera benefits from a unique terroir, nestled between the Pyrenees and the Ebro Valley, boasting Europe's longest gypsum mountain range. This exceptional location experiences dramatic climate variations and features a soil composition that's perfect for grape cultivation. At Lagravera, winemaking is a natural and meticulous process, combining traditional methods with modern techniques to craft top-notch wines. Delicate and fresh, this wine boasts a floral and fruity profile characterized by notes of almond blossom, citrus, and stone fruit. Its finish is zesty and crisp, enhanced by a subtle mineral and salty hint, creating a well-balanced and refreshing experience.

Technical Info


Closure:Nomacorc Cork

Organic Certification:CCPAE - CT 001375 PE

Country of Origin:Spain

Serving Temperature:8-10°C

Drink By:2025

Food Pairing:Seafood tapas, Garlic prawns, White anchovies, Grilled vegetables with romesco sauce, Saffron risotto, Salt-crusted snapper

Taste Profile


Full Body





Tannins (Bitterness)



On the axis bridging the Pyrenees and the Ebro Valley, one encounters Europe's longest gypsum mountain range, and nestled within is the Serra Llarga—a treasure trove for crafting fine wines. The creators of this vinicultural masterpiece are scientists by training, yet their hearts beat to the rhythm of the land. Their ancestors imparted a timeless wisdom, insisting that this corner of the world, rich in gypsum, is the ultimate haven for fruit cultivation. It's a secret revealed in the very soil, infusing their wines with a distinctive character of freshness and salinity. These wines stand as a testament to the intersection of science and agriculture, a tribute to the bond between humanity and nature, and a celebration of tradition and terroir.

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