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AIREM, or "air" in Latin, finds its inspiration in the pure, untamed air of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Granada, Spain. This is where Airem spirits come to life.

Pablo Silva, the visionary founder, recognized the growing need for unadulterated foods and beverages, and he had a deep-seated desire to contribute to a more sustainable world. 

Granada, with the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in the background. Home of Airem Spirits

At the core of Airem's mission are values like origin, exclusivity, purity, and a profound respect for nature and the land.
These values drive Airem's commitment to crafting not just high-quality spirits, but the purest you can find. 

Airem fully embraces European organic farming regulations and standards, championing environmental protection, preserving biodiversity, and instilling confidence in organic products among consumers. Their unique process starts with the pristine melted snow waters from the Sierra Nevada, renowned for being Spain's finest. These waters are used in the distillation process, which takes place in handcrafted copper stills.

The top of the Sierra Nevada Range - Home of pristine waters used for Airem

Only 100% organic ingredients, including Mediterranean botanicals, are used in their spirits. Airem's dedication to organic farming practices has earned them Kosher - Parve certifications for both Airem Gin and Airem Vodka.
What's more, despite originating from wheat grain alcohol, their meticulous distillation process completely eliminates all traces of gluten, leading to their certification as Gluten-Free by Biomedal Laboratories.


 Following artisanal methods, the Gin made out of organic wheat gets filtered through millenarian peat coal from the valley of Padul, a small village at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

With the purest snow waters of Sierra Nevada the Gin its filtered several times to eliminate any possible impurity so the Gin gets its maximum pureness.

The handcrafted copper stills attain the distillation process, delivering an exceptional Gin with the highest quality.
100% organic, certified Mediterranean botanicals (Tangerine, lemon and orange peels, Juniper Berries, Coriander, Angelica Root, Licorice and a final touch by our Master Distiller, we bring to life the most natural and purest Gin.

40% Vol/Alc
2021 World Trophy winner – Best Spirits GOLD



At Airem, the vodka is meticulously crafted using artisanal methods.
Organic wheat serves as the foundation, undergoing a unique filtration process.
This process involves passing the wheat through millennium-old peat coal from the Padul Valley, a picturesque village at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Multiple filtrations with the purest snow waters from the Sierra Nevada are carried out to eliminate any potential impurities, ultimately achieving the vodka's maximum purity.

The distillation process, performed in handcrafted copper stills, plays a crucial role in ensuring the vodka's exceptional quality.
Every step of the way, from the organic wheat to the final product, reflects our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, resulting in a vodka celebrated for its purity and top-notch quality.

 40% Alc/Vol
 94 Points Wine Enthusiast/ 94 Points Tasting Panel Magazine