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Alba Lupa - Organic Vodka 700ml Alba Lupa - Organic Vodka 700ml

Alba Lupa - Organic Vodka 700ml

Nature at it's core

Single Bottle:

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Unit Size:700ml

Alcohol Volume:40%


Tasting Notes

Alba Lupa emerges from a meticulous selection of premium European wheat, distilled five times in column stills, eschewing any artificial aromas. The brand's primary aim is to deliver superior quality vodka through the exclusive use of organic components, thus fostering a closer connection with nature and amplifying the spirit's unadulterated flavour. Sweet and refreshing, the purity of this organic vodka is elevated by a subtly spiced floral essence.

Technical Info

Brand:Alba Lupa


Organic Certification:CAECV - CV5973E

Country of Origin:Spain

Base Spirits:Wheat

Botanicals or Ingridients:100% Organic Wheat

Distillation:Distilled in column stills.

Cocktails Suggestion:Vodka lime & soda, Moscow mule, Vesper, Sex on the beach

Taste Profile


Full Body





Kallysté Brava

In 1969, Michel Coste took a bold step by founding the Compagnie de Guyenne group, diving into a spirited journey with notable achievements in the realm of cognac. Harnessing the legacy left by their father, Philippe Coste, along with his sisters Marie-Laure Brugerolle and Céline Viard, launched "Kallysté Brava" in 2017. Nestled in Alcoy within Spain's Alicante region, this independent, family-owned venture emerges from a passion to journey into new horizons and champion the expertise in curating natural, ultra-premium Spirits. The Spanish coastal region offers a canvas of contrasts. The searing warmth of the Mediterranean meets the ruggedness of continental mountain ranges. The vastness of the Sierra Mariola Natural Park, with its elevation leading to a rich tapestry of landscapes and plant varieties, is often revered as a natural botanical haven. Kallysté Brava, in its pursuit of the authentic, draws deeply from the essence of this unparalleled reserve.

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