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Alpamanta Estate - Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 Alpamanta Estate - Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Alpamanta Estate - Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Matured Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina's high-elevation vineyards.

Single Bottle:

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Varietal:Cabernet Sauvignon

Unit Size:750ml

Alcohol Volume:14%



Tasting Notes

In 2005, three European expatriates living in Mendoza, Andrej Razumovsky, his cousin Andre Hoffmann, and their friend Jeremie Delecourt, planted their first vines and established the Alpamanta Estate. Their 35 hectares of pristine land in Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza, have proudly maintained organic and biodynamic certifications from the outset. This cellared Cabernet features delightful secondary aromas, nuanced leather notes, and the timeless allure of chocolate-mint undertones. Deep, opulent, and velvety, it stands as a prime testament to the transformative effect of aging on Cabernet.

Technical Info

Brand:Alpamanta Estate


Organic Certification:Demeter - 25279

Country of Origin:Argentina

Serving Temperature:16-18°C

Drink By:2030

Wine Ageing:Aged for 10 months in Austrian Stockinger oak barrels.

Winemaking Style:Innovative

Harvest:Late February to early March

Winemaking:The Estate wines benefit from extended oak maturation and considerable aging prior to release. Andrej's Austrian roots have enabled him to forge a partnership with Stockinger, renowned for their large-format barrels, specifically 1500L and 2000L capacities.

Viticulture:The vineyard boasts clay soil, rich with alluvial deposits characteristic of Ugarteche—a sub-region where altitudes vary approximately from 800 to 1,100 meters.

Food Pairing:Grilled kangaroo steaks, Lamb burger with beetroot relish, Braised beef cheeks, Beef and stout pie, slow-cooked lamb shoulder

Taste Profile


Full Body





Tannins (Bitterness)


Alpamanta Estate

In 2005, a trio of European expats, Andrej Razumovsky, Andre Hoffmann, and Jeremie Delecourt, embarked on a remarkable journey in the heart of Mendoza, giving birth to Alpamanta Estate. Their story began with the planting of the first vines on 35 hectares of pristine land in Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza. Since its inception, this sacred soil has proudly held certifications for biodynamic cultivation. A symphony of life thrives in their vineyard – buzzing insects serenade the day and night, while free-roaming animals help maintain the lush grass. The clay soil, enriched by alluvial deposits, mirrors the distinctive terroir of Ugarteche. Guided by Italian consultant Giuseppe Franceschini, Alpamanta Estate marries tradition with a contemporary vision. Their youthful Natal wines embrace the essence of natural winemaking, unfettered by oak or additives, save for a touch of sulphur. The Estate wines, in contrast, luxuriate in oak, aging patiently until they reach their peak before release.

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