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Camparo - Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC 2018 Camparo - Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC 2018

Camparo - Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC 2018

An elegant dance of floral aromas and bold flavors.

Single Bottle:

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Unit Size:750ml

Alcohol Volume:14.5%



Tasting Notes

Azienda Agricola Camparo stands as a testament to three generations of dedicated vignerons. With deep-rooted respect for organic traditions, they craft illustrious reds like Barolo and Nebbiolo. Camparo's Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC 2018 is a captivating expression of its varietal. This wine glows with a delicate pale red, unfolding aromas of violets, roses, and red berries, nuanced with subtle whispers of its wooden maturation. On the palate, its bold essence intertwines gracefully with gentle tannins, culminating in an alluring, near-sweet finale.

Technical Info



Organic Certification:ECOGROUP - IT-BIO-008/V723

Country of Origin:Italy

Serving Temperature:16-18°C

Drink By:2028

Wine Ageing:18 Months in 2500L French oak barrels

Winemaking Style:Traditional

Harvest:Hand-harvested mid-to-late October

Winemaking:Grapes undergo pressing and are then transferred to stainless steel tanks with temperature regulation. Traditional fermentation is carried out with daily pumping over for a duration of 20/30 days. Following this, the wine is racked and moved to 25 hl French oak barrels.

Viticulture:Located in Diano d'Alba, the vineyard showcases plants aged between 20 to 40 years, benefiting from an east to south-east exposure. Rooted in clayey-calcareous and calcareous-siliceus soils known as Marne di Diano, it stands at an average altitude of 250 meters above sea level.

Food Pairing:Wild boar pappardelle, Grilled porcini mushrooms, Veal chop, Braised rabbit pappardelle, Pork osso buco, Flank steak, Ravioli al plin with stuffed pork, Beef stroganoff.

Taste Profile


Full Body





Tannins (Bitterness)



Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Piedmont's Langhe region, Camparo Winery paints a vivid portrait of a land steeped in history, perseverance, and agricultural artistry. In the heart of this captivating terrain, the Camparo Farm has thrived for three generations as a testament to family-driven success. For decades, the Camparo family has wholeheartedly dedicated themselves to viticulture, guided by a production philosophy rooted in responsible land management and an unwavering commitment to the purity of winemaking. In 2000, under Mauro's leadership, they embraced organic farming practices, earning certification as pioneers in the Langhe region. Their triumph lies in the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

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