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Cinq Autels - Cidre IGP Normandie le brut 330ml Cinq Autels - Cidre IGP Normandie le brut 330ml

Cinq Autels - Cidre IGP Normandie le brut 330ml

A Harmonious Blend of Aromas, a Dance of Flavors. Pure Refreshment!

Single Bottle:

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Unit Size:330ml

Alcohol Volume:5.5%



Tasting Notes

Experience the enticing aromas of honey, acacia, pine needles, and ripe pineapple, reminiscent of buttered biscuits by a warm fire. This cider offers a supple mouthfeel with structured tannins, beautifully balancing bitterness, sweetness, and acidity for a refreshing and vibrant sip.

Technical Info

Brand:Cinq Autels


Organic Certification:Bureau Veritas Certification France - CER-OPT2546-C226785

Country of Origin:France

Serving Temperature:8-10°C

Winemaking Style:Minimal Intervention

Winemaking:Natural fermentation with indigenous yeasts. Carbonate naturally in bottles, unfined, unfiltered, no added SO2

Viticulture:Selection of organic bitter and bittersweet apples from Normandie IGP Appellation

Food Pairing:Bacon-wrapped scallops, Fish and chips, Beef sliders, Onion rings, Croque Monsieur, Gyros, Chicken Kebab.

Taste Profile


Full Body





Tannins (Bitterness)


Cinq Autels

Domaine 5 Autels, a sanctuary for crafting terroir-driven ciders. Here, the marriage of light clay-limestone soils, a warm microclimate, and the region's mild, moist climate provides the perfect canvas for cider creation. In 1944, when a bombshell struck the farm but miraculously failed to detonate, Abel and his family viewed it as a powerful message from nature, reinforcing their commitment to environmental preservation. Fast forward to 1967 when pesticides gained widespread popularity, but Maurice, the second-generation steward, bore witness to the devastation they wrought on neighboring farms. Under his guidance, Domaine des 5 Autels became one of France's earliest certified organic farms. Today, under the leadership of the fourth generation, Thibault Pitrou, supported by Etienne and Pierre, the estate is driven by a resolute goal: producing top-quality cider and calvados with a neutral carbon footprint to zero by 2030.

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