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D'Arenberg - The Witches Berry Chardonnay 2019 D'Arenberg - The Witches Berry Chardonnay 2019

D'Arenberg - The Witches Berry Chardonnay 2023

Ready-to-go Chardonnay, enjoy!

Single Bottle:

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Unit Size:750ml

Alcohol Volume:14%

Region:McLaren Vale


Tasting Notes

Witches Berry is a weed that grows in vineyards. Italian women once put the juice of the berry in their eyes which dilated their pupils, making them appear darker and more beautiful. An appealing nose that is fruit-driven and lifted. Peach, pineapple and Granny Smith all sing out, adequately supported by a subtle nutty aroma that adds a whisper of savouriness. The palate is generous, round and unctuous through the first half then takes on a more refined, almost saline, line and length. One can almost sense the sunshine in the glass. Well-considered oak sits in the background, adding more texturally than anything else, perhaps a fine hint of cedar but certainly nothing sweet. Ready to go the moment you open the bottle, no need to wait. Best served a few degrees above fridge temperature to take advantage of those wonderful fruits and the generous texture.

Technical Info



Organic Certification:NASAA - 5403P

Country of Origin:Australia

Serving Temperature:10-13°C

Drink By:2028

Wine Ageing:7 months in old French oak for 60% of the wine, 40% aged in stainless steel

Winemaking Style:Traditional

Harvest:Summer was hot, with an extreme heat wave and a record-high temperature of 46.6C.

Winemaking:Small batches of grapes are gently crushed, chilled and then transferred to specially designed steel basket presses. Gentle extraction of the juice is critical in these early stages to retain the delicate fruit characters. To add complexity and mouthfeel, 60% of the wine is fermented and matured in old French oak for seven months, with the remaining 40% aged in stainless steel. None of the white wines at d’Arenberg are subject to malolactic fermentation as we aim for the retention of fresh, natural acidity, which is integral to the balance and longevity of the wine.

Viticulture:Solar power, recycling, downgauging the plastic wrapping by 70% and natural disease control. Pests and diseases are managed with careful monitoring and by reducing canopy and crop densities to minimise the use of organic fungicides and pesticides. Native plantings and insects are encouraged. Along with Australia’s First Families of Wine, committed to reducing carbon emissions and reaching net carbon zero targets by 2035.

Food Pairing:Grilled prawn salad, Chicken Caesar salad, Lemon herb roast chicken, Poached salmon, Pesto pasta, Butter-poached lobster, Creamy risotto, Fresh crab cakes, Tuna Nicoise salad.

Reviews and Accolades



The Real Review - Ralph Kyte-Powell

Relatively deep in colour, this is a straightforward chardonnay of direct personality. Honey and peachy aromas have a light overlay of oak, and the palate is middleweight and simple in flavour. The finish is rather short


Halliday Companion - Campbell Mattinson

Those notes of sweet hay, that run of fresh pear, that nectarine. It's a slip of a thing, but it's fresh and estery and has just enough prettiness to make you take a second look.

Taste Profile


Full Body







D'Arenberg, an iconic Australian winery in McLaren Vale, has a rich history dating back to 1912 when it was founded by Joseph Osborn. The current custodian, Chester Osborn, is known for his exuberant personality and dedication to crafting exceptional wines. Chester's passion and innovation have been instrumental in the winery's success. His philosophy, follows traditional winemaking practices, including basket pressing and foot treading during red wine fermentation. They also prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly practices. They have achieved a 93% score on Eco Tourism's Strive 4 Sustainability Scorecard, focusing on environmental impact, sustainable management, cultural influences, and socio-economic factors. D'Arenberg is committed to becoming net carbon zero by 2035, with a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030. They've installed 300 kW of solar PV generators to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The winery also dedicates land to native scrubland conservation, emphasizing biodiversity and sustainability.

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