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Domaine Nicolas Réau - Anjou Clos de Treilles 2017 Domaine Nicolas Réau - Anjou Clos de Treilles 2017

Domaine Nicolas Réau - Anjou Clos de Treilles 2017

A curated expression of dedication and terroir

Single Bottle:

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Varietal:Chenin Blanc

Unit Size:750ml

Alcohol Volume:12.5%

Region:Loire Valley


Tasting Notes

In 1998, the passionate Nicolas Réau embarked on a journey with a vast 28-hectare estate. After meticulous study and hands-on experience, by 2001, he made a bold choice: he retained only the finest 5 hectares, enveloped by a protective wall, christening it 'Clos des Treilles'. Later, he expanded with an additional 2 hectares, summing up to a curated 7 hectares. This dedication is mirrored in every bottle, revealing elegant notes of pear and apple, ending in a whisper of almond and a touch of creaminess.

Technical Info

Brand:Domaine Nicolas Reau


Organic Certification:ECOCERT - 79/110655/1167243

Country of Origin:France

Serving Temperature:10-12°C

Drink By:2025

Winemaking Style:Lo-fi Minimal intervention

Harvest:Hand-harvested mid to late Septemeber

Winemaking:Gentle pressing is followed by fermentation, typically in stainless steel tanks to maintain the grape's inherent freshness and aromatics. The fermentation temperature is meticulously controlled without used of sulphur.

Food Pairing:Halibut fillet with lemon butter, Creamy lobster linguine, Garlic-parmesan roasted Brussel sprouts, Quiche with leeks and Gruyère, Stir-fried bok choy with garlic, Steamed seafood dumplings, Biryani, Thai steamed fish with lime and chili.

Taste Profile


Full Body





Tannins (Bitterness)


Domaine Nicolas Reau

Guided by a deep commitment to biodynamics and sustainable farming, Nicolas Reau strives to create wines that are pure, unique, and unapologetically sincere. In 1998, he assumed ownership of a sprawling 28-hectare estate. However, in 2001, after three years of meticulous analysis, observation, and practical application of his viticultural knowledge, Nicolas made a bold choice. He decided to part with 23 hectares of the estate, retaining only the finest five hectares enclosed within ancient walls – a parcel now affectionately known as the Clos des Treilles under his DBA name. Determined to craft wines that would faithfully reflect their terroir, Nicolas set to work. Two additional hectares were thoughtfully replanted, expanding the estate to a total of 7 hectares. In 2002, he embarked on his inaugural winemaking journey, placing his trust in natural yeast and adopting a hands-off approach from the very beginning. This marked the birth of his remarkable winemaking legacy.

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