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Ginepraio - Amphora Navy Strength 500ml Ginepraio - Amphora Navy Strength 500ml

Ginepraio - Amphora Navy Strength 500ml

Unique Gin aged in Amphora

Single Bottle:

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Unit Size:500ml

Alcohol Volume:57%



Tasting Notes

Although Tuscany is one of Italian regions that needs no introduction, it is mesmerising how, once again, its history can surprise us, knowing that English have been buying the juniper from Val Tiberi for over 400 years. GINEPRAIO wants to unite these paths and tell the story, that makes Tuscany a brilliant combination of culture, art, experience, tradition and TOP botanicals growing. GINEPRAIO NAVY STRENGTH - THE ONLY GIN IN THE WORLD MATURED IN AMPHORA: Aromas of juniper, flowers and grass. On the palate spicy (coriander) and balsamic (juniper and helichrysum), with a zesty final and hints of angelica. The after taste is extremely long due to the ageing process in amphora.

Technical Info


Closure:Screw Cap

Organic Certification:CCPB SRL - 9487

Country of Origin:Italy

Style:Navy Strength Gin

Base Spirits:Grain

Botanicals or Ingridients:Helichrysum Italicus, Juniper, Angelica Root, Coriando, Rose, Citrus

Distillation:Discontinued Copper Still

Cocktails Suggestion:Southside, Martini, Gimlet, French 75,

Reviews and Accolades


CWSA - Gold Medal

San Francisco World Spirits - Silver Medal

London Spirits Competition - Gold Medal

95 Points International Wine & Spirits Competition

Taste Profile


Full Body






Ginepraio is not your average gin; it's a London Dry Gin with a Tuscan twist. The name "Ginepraio" draws inspiration from an old saying, "cacciarsi in un ginepraio," which translates to "getting stuck in a mess." The label even includes the dictionary definition, as it playfully describes a situation that's tricky to navigate. This mirrors the challenges faced during the selection of their raw ingredients, all strictly certified, organic, and proudly Tuscan. Ginepraio weaves together seven botanicals, including juniper, dog-rose, and helichrysum, sourced from Maremma, Val D'Orcia, and the Chianti area. Distilled in Barberino Val D'Elsa, this gin carries the distinct character of its land. Ginepraio is versatile, finding its place in various gin-based cocktails, but it truly shines in classics like the Martini and Negroni, aspiring to be the reference point for a discerning clientele who values quality libations and regional craftsmanship. Cheers to a sip of Tuscan charm in every glass!

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