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Gustavshof - Rheinhessen Holunder Secco alcohol free 2020 Gustavshof - Rheinhessen Holunder Secco alcohol free 2020

Gustavshof - Rheinhessen Holunder Secco alcohol free 2020

The Sparkling finesse with a touch of Edelberry

Single Bottle:

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Varietal:Alcohol-free Riesling

Unit Size:750ml

Alcohol Volume:0.5%



Tasting Notes

The non-alcoholic Elderberry Secco offers a distinctive experience in terms of texture, flavor, and overall enjoyment. It effervesces with a high-quality sparkling wine's finesse, enhanced by the addition of elderflowers. Its enduring taste and subtle fruity dryness harmonize beautifully with its appealing rosé hue. Every ingredient in this non-alcoholic Elderberry Secco originates from organic-dynamic sources, specifically from the Gustavshof and its neighboring areas. The elderberry thrives naturally, with its blossoms carefully handpicked and processed fresh to preserve their natural essence.

Technical Info



Organic Certification:Demeter - DE-Öko-039

Country of Origin:Germany

Serving Temperature:6-8°C

Botanicals or Ingridients:Riesling grapes, Edelberry

Winemaking Style:Minimal-intervention


Winemaking:From whole Bunch pressing to fundamental wine aging in stainless steel, followed by de-alcoholization and carbonation.

Viticulture:Klopper Mountain near Dittelsheim in Rheinhessen, Germany, boasts diverse geological compositions, including loess, loam, limestone, and clay. The elevation varies from approximately 100 to 200 meters (330 to 660 feet) above sea level, contributing to the distinctive terroir and wine characteristics of the region.

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