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Krinklewood - Lucia dessert wine 2014 Krinklewood - Lucia dessert wine 2014

Krinklewood - Lucia dessert wine 2014

Sweet serenity.

Single Bottle:

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Unit Size:750ml

Alcohol Volume:10.8%

Region:Hunter Valley


Tasting Notes

Delicate light golden straw, this Lucia Dessert wine has rich layers of pear and honeydew melon with citrus peel and delicate marmalade notes. This wine is viscous without being overly sweet. It exhibits a luscious round palate that remains fresh and bright with natural acidity. This is a delicate, soft dessert wine that will develop more honeyed and marmalade characteristics over the coming 3-4 years.

Technical Info



Organic Certification:Australian Certified Biodynamic - 10648

Country of Origin:Australia

Serving Temperature:8-10°C

Winemaking Style:Modern / low-intervention

Winemaking:The Semillon fruit was crushed with only the premium free-run juices being used, and then underwent extended slow fermentation in stainless steel, under cool conditions. The Lucia Dessert Wine is always bottled early to retain the unique freshness of the primary fruit flavour.

Food Pairing:Foie gras, Crème brûlée, Peach cobbler, Mango sorbet, Blue cheese with honey, Lemon tart.

Taste Profile


Full Body







Krinklewood, a biodynamic winery in the serene Hunter Valley, operates in harmony with nature's rhythms. Nestled by the Brokenback Range and Wollombi Brook, this family-owned gem features 49 acres of vineyards and forthcoming thermal pools. Founded in 1981 by Rod Windrim and family, Krinklewood embraced organic and biodynamic practices in 2002, defying conventions. Every corner of Krinklewood holds Rod's loving touch, a repository of cherished memories. Oscar Martin, the custodian since 2020, holds a deep connection to this place as a retreat from the city's hustle. A sustainable future is his vision, aligning with Krinklewood's commitment to earth-friendly practices. Valentina Moresco, the winemaker, sees wine as bottled poetry, a way to convey the land's essence. She aims to make Krinklewood wines vessels of memory, evoking moments under the Manchurian pears in the cellar door. Krinklewood is not just a winery; it's an invitation to savour life's moments and the land's richness.

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