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Linden Leaf - #88 Organic Molecular Gin 500ml Linden Leaf - #88 Organic Molecular Gin 500ml

Linden Leaf - #88 Organic Molecular Gin 500ml

Molecular Gin with Asian influence

Single Bottle:

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Unit Size:500ml

Alcohol Volume:43%%


Country:United Kingdom

Tasting Notes

Three Cambridge minds, united by their love for culinary delights, were inspired one evening over gin and tonic by the wonders of molecular gastronomy. Their quest led to Linden Leaf spirits, meticulously crafted at the molecular level, capturing the purest notes from globally sourced organic botanicals. Their #88 Organic Gin is a tapestry of 88 molecular notes from 28 botanicals, spanning from zesty lemon to warm winter spice. An exquisite choice for discerning cocktails or a refreshing sip over ice.

Technical Info

Brand:Linden Leaf

Closure:Wooden Stopper

Organic Certification:Soil Association - DA28073

Country of Origin:United Kingdom

Style:New World Gin

Base Spirits:Grain

Botanicals or Ingridients:28 Botanicals

Distillation:Discontinued Column Still

Cocktails Suggestion:Gimlet, Dry Martini, Gin and Tonic

Taste Profile


Full Body





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