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M&P - Cask Adventures Bio Rum No10 M&P - Cask Adventures Bio Rum No10

M&P - Cask Adventures Bio Rum No10

Rhum like never before!

Single Bottle:

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Unit Size:700ml

Alcohol Volume:46%


Tasting Notes

No. 10 begins its journey with the rich Cognac Coopers, infused with the essence of molasses rum, crafted in the month of April, back in 2015. But that's just the start of this exceptional tale. Imagine, if you will, a rare and enchanted chestnut barrel. Its previous inhabitant? None other than a Plum brandy, imbuing it with a unique legacy. What unfolded is nothing short of a sensory festival, a symphony for both the nose and the palate. Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Roasted aromas waft through the air, swirling with hints of creamy vanilla, aged wood, the comforting warmth of coffee, the earthy richness of nuts, the sweetness of raisins, and the unmistakable allure of chestnuts. Now, take a sip. It's a revelation on your tongue, a revelation that unfolds voluminously. It's as if you're savoring the elegance of roasted flavors dancing harmoniously, accompanied by the subtle notes of dried fruits. The finale, a complex masterpiece that defies categorization, hovers delicately between the realms of rum and chestnut whiskey. This is not just a drink; it's an experience, a journey through time and flavor, encapsulated in a mere 228 bottles. No. 10, a liquid poem for the connoisseur's soul.

Technical Info

Brand:M&P Cask Adventures


Country of Origin:Paraguay

Bottle Produced:228

Style:Artisanal Rhum

Base Spirits:Sugar cane

Botanicals or Ingridients:Organic sugar cane molasses from Paraguay, water

Distillation:Copper pot still

Spirits Ageing:5 years in cognac barrels following 14 month in chestnut barrels

Cocktails Suggestion:Punch, Rhum old fashioned, Daiquiri, Pina Colada

Taste Profile


Full Body





M&P Cask Adventures

In the creation of the M&P Cask Adventures series, the foundation was laid with a rum aged for two and a half years in a tonneau, skillfully overseen by J. B. Pinard. However, their journey didn't conclude there. With a desire to imbue the rum with a one-of-a-kind and captivating character, their focus turned to mezcal barrels. These mezcal barrels, acquired through dedicated efforts, emerged as the crucial element that bestowed the rum with a delightful and unique finishing touch, ultimately elevating it to a truly exceptional status.

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