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Padroggi-La Piotta - MISunderstanding 2 2020 Padroggi-La Piotta - MISunderstanding 2 2020

Padroggi-La Piotta - MISunderstanding 2 2020

A fun Pet-Nat!

Single Bottle:

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Varietal:Riesling Renano/Croatina

Unit Size:750ml

Alcohol Volume:11.5%



Tasting Notes

For those charmed by Pet-Nat, direct from the Italian vineyards: "Dive into a hue of soft pale yellow with a hint of mysterious cloudiness from its yeast lees. This wine intrigues with its captivating white pepper and floral bouquets, underlaid by zesty white and yellow fruit undertones. Experience a palate that's both light and invigorating, where creamy bubbles gracefully extend into an almond-tinged finish."

Technical Info

Brand:Padroggi-La Piotta

Closure:Crown Cap

Organic Certification:Bios - ITBIO005V078010

Country of Origin:Italy

Serving Temperature:8-10°C

Sugar Residual:0.5 g/l

Drink By:2025

Winemaking Style:Lo-Fi

Harvest:Machine harvested first two weeks of September

Winemaking:After a meticulous selection, the Riesling Italico grapes undergo a gentle pressing, followed by fermentation at a controlled temperature. In the spring, a percentage of still red wine is added to the wine. Subsequently, bottling takes place, and the sparkling process is initiated with the addition of yeasts.

Viticulture:The Oltrepò Pavese benefits from a mild climate influenced by the sea, rivers, and varied soils: marl, limestone, sand, and clay. Renowned for its Pinot Nero and sparkling wines, it's crossed by the 45th parallel, the renowned "wine parallel", linking esteemed wine regions globally.

Food Pairing:BBQ pork sliders, Tuna tartare, Beetroot and goat cheese salad, Chicken wings, Mushroom quesadillas.

Taste Profile


Full Body





Tannins (Bitterness)


Padroggi-La Piotta

"La Piotta," situated in Montalto Pavese at the heart of Oltrepò, is renowned for crafting exquisite wines and sparkling varieties. The name "Piotta" likely originates from early Piedmontese settlers in this region, signifying "stone," which abounds in the Oltrepo Pavese fertile soil. Founded in 1985 by Luigi Padroggi "La Piotta" carries forward the distinguished winemaking legacy of the Padroggi family. The vineyards, averaging 30 years in age, yield aromatic whites and robust reds. Notably, a 1930 Pinot Grigio vine planting still thrives, a testament to our unwavering commitment to tradition and the land.

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