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Ruiz Jimenez - DOCa Rioja Osoti 'La Era' Tempranillo 2017 Ruiz Jimenez - DOCa Rioja Osoti 'La Era' Tempranillo 2017

Ruiz Jimenez - DOCa Rioja Osoti 'La Era' Tempranillo 2017

Rioja's Essence in Every Sip – Taste the Terroir!

Single Bottle:

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Unit Size:750ml

Alcohol Volume:0.14%

Region:La Rioja


Tasting Notes

An exceptional Tempranillo wine sourced from a single vineyard, nestled amidst fragrant pine forests. Its substantial texture and numerous tears evoke a sense of richness. Aromas reminiscent of autumn, cocoa, and ripe plum greet the senses. The tasting experience commences with a delicate sweetness that envelops the palate, showcasing mature wild berries, delightful toasty notes, and a harmonious acidity. This wine authentically embodies its terroir, offering a distinctive way to savor the essence of Rioja.

Technical Info

Brand:Ruiz Jimenez

Closure:Natural Cork

Organic Certification:CPAER - ES-ECO-935-RI

Country of Origin:Spain

Serving Temperature:16-18°C

Drink By:2027

Wine Ageing:13-Month ageing in 500L new French oak barrels.

Winemaking Style:Traditional

Harvest:Hand-harvested mid-September

Viticulture:La Plana de Turrás located in the heart of Rioja Baja between 400 and 600 meters of altitude, 65-hectares of biodynamic production.

Food Pairing:Lamb biryani, Mongolian beef, Thai Massaman curry, Veggie mushroom burger, Lamb vindaloo, Paneer tikka, Sirloin steak.

Reviews and Accolades


International Organic Wine Award - Gold

Taste Profile


Full Body





Tannins (Bitterness)


Ruiz Jimenez

Ruiz Jimenez is a family winery in the heart of Rioja, opened its doors in 1998 with a singular vision, to craft the finest wine that this land can offer while steadfastly adhering to organic and sustainable principles. This commitment was groundbreaking in its time, met with skepticism by the local farmers. As the years have passed, their dedication has borne fruit, and today, they proudly create some of the finest wines in Rioja. Their vineyard is more than a mere plot of land; it's a haven, enveloped by forests and pine trees, providing natural protection from treatments applied by other vinegrowers. The landscape is a thriving ecosystem, offering shelter to migrating birds, a refuge for wild creatures. Inside their cellar, a symphony unfolds as around 700 barrels age gracefully, awaiting their moment to be bottled and contribute their essence to the world. Ruiz Jimenez's journey is a testament to a resolute commitment to quality and sustainability, transcending labels and certifications, and allowing their wines to speak for themselves.

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