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Vignato - Recioto di Gambellara Classico DOCG Cul d'Oro 500ml 2015 Vignato - Recioto di Gambellara Classico DOCG Cul d'Oro 500ml 2015

Vignato - Recioto di Gambellara Classico DOCG Cul d'Oro 500ml 2015

Golden elixir of Garganega grapes

Single Bottle:

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Unit Size:500ml

Alcohol Volume:14%



Tasting Notes

Cul d’Oro, a sweet wine crafted from Garganega grapes. These 25 year old vines from a uniquely shaped vineyard produce ripe, hand selected grapes. Once dried on "picai," they age in barriques, unveiling a golden hue and notes of ripe fruit. Enjoy its elegant sweetness, persistent flavour, and a hint of almond. Cheers to its refreshing essence!

Technical Info



Organic Certification:ICEA - E1795

Country of Origin:Italy

Serving Temperature:12-14°C

Sugar Residual:124 g/L

Drink By:2035

Wine Ageing:12 months in French oak 225L barrels

Winemaking Style:Traditional

Harvest:Hand harvested in small 15kg crates last week of August

Winemaking:Table sorted grapes are chosen and hung on "Picai," a traditional method of the region, for 5 months in order to dry the grapes and optimise concentration. naturally occurring fermentation in steel. The wine is then decanted into glass containers to slightly oxidise it. The recioto is bottled and further aged for a further year before release after 3 years have passed since the harvest.

Viticulture:Gambellara's soil boasts a richness in basaltic, dark volcanic rocks. Just 500m from the winery stands a testament to this geological history: a dormant volcano.

Food Pairing:Apricot tart, baklava, crème brûlée, vanilla pudding, custard, panettone bread, sticky date pudding, orange blossom madeleines

Taste Profile


Full Body





Tannins (Bitterness)



Davide Vignato's passion is deeply rooted in Gambellara, a quaint village nestled at the base of Monti Lessini in the Veneto region, with it's dark basaltic rocks of volcanic origin, imparting elegance and freshness to its wines. A dormant volcano stands nearby, just 500 meters from the winery. This volcano is set within a park featuring a natural amphitheater and trails leading into the forest. Once, the hands of his grandfather, Rinaldo, Then came the hands of his father, Gian Domenico, today, it's Davide's hands that shape the vineyard. Honoring the legacies of those before him, he has reduced the yield per hectare and turned away from conventional farming. Now, he fully aligns with nature's rhythm, continually evolving, just as nature does. Davide is driven by a vision to showcase Gambellara to the world through distinctive quality wines.

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