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Walcher - Bio Amaretto 700ml Walcher - Bio Amaretto 700ml

Walcher - Bio Amaretto 700ml

An Organic Amaretto Like No Other.

Single Bottle:

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Unit Size:700ml

Alcohol Volume:28%


Tasting Notes

This exceptional Amaretto stands out for its quality and unique packaging. Crafted with real bitter almonds, the finest organic vanilla from Madagascar, premium cocoa beans from Peru, and other top-notch organic ingredients, it offers a truly exceptional taste. The base alcohol is derived from organic wheat, ensuring a high-quality experience. You can savor it neat, with an ice cube, or use it as an ingredient in classic Italian cocktails.

Technical Info

Brand:Walcher - Frangart

Organic Certification:BIOLAND

Country of Origin:Italy


Base Spirits:Wheat

Botanicals or Ingridients:Bitter Almonds, Vanilla, Cocoa Beans

Distillation:Infused Bitter Almonds in distilled Wheat Spirit

Cocktails Suggestion:Amaretto Sour, Amaretto Espresso Martini

Taste Profile


Full Body





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