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Walcher - Biostilla Fernet 500ml Walcher - Biostilla Fernet 500ml

Walcher - Biostilla Fernet 500ml

Italian Bitter Infused with Fine Saffron.

Single Bottle:

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Unit Size:500ml

Alcohol Volume:38%


Tasting Notes

The organic variation of this renowned Italian Bitter comprises a blend of 26 different botanicals, with the heart of the infusion sourced from the finest organic saffron. Notably, it contains no added sugar, making it a particularly fitting choice after indulging in a hearty meal.

Technical Info

Brand:Walcher - Frangart

Organic Certification:BIOLAND

Country of Origin:Italy

Style:Bitter Liqueur

Base Spirits:Wheat

Botanicals or Ingridients:26-Botanicals

Distillation:Infused Herbs and Spices in Distilled Wheat Spirit

Cocktails Suggestion:Serve Neat, or On the Rocks with a Slice of Lemon

Taste Profile


Full Body





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