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Zacbe Organic - Mezcal Reposado Artesanal Zacbe Organic - Mezcal Reposado Artesanal

Zacbe Organic - Mezcal Reposado Artesanal

Peaty, yet graceful.

Single Bottle:

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Unit Size:700ml

Alcohol Volume:40%


Tasting Notes

Discover the captivating journey of Zacbe Mezcal Reposado, meticulously maturing in diverse wooden barrels using time-honoured methods. Delight in its vintage allure as the aroma unveils a harmonious interplay of peat, wood, and smoke, delicately concluding with a hint of tobacco in the aftertaste. Each sip reveals a balanced fusion of dried fruits and spicy agave tones, artfully complemented by the subtle sweetness imbued by the wood. This flavourful expedition pays homage to the art of aging, providing a moment for contemplation and appreciation, all enveloped in an inviting aura of neutrality.

Technical Info



Organic Certification:MX-BIO-104

Country of Origin:Mexico

Style:Mexcal Reposado

Base Spirits:Agave

Botanicals or Ingridients:Agave Angustifolia

Distillation:Wooden Pot Still

Spirits Ageing:Aged in American and French white oak barrels for at least three month.

Cocktails Suggestion:Mezcal Sour, Mexican Mule

Taste Profile


Full Body






Zacbe, a mezcal crafted in the heart of San Agustín Amatengo, Oaxaca, weaves a tale of tradition and myth. Under the skilled guidance of Maestro Mezcalero Apolonio Ramirez Cruz, Espadin and Cirial agave blend harmoniously. Their journey begins with the agave roasted in an underground pit oven and is transformed by the patient grinding of ox-drawn tahona. Nature's hand guides the open-air yeast fermentation and the copper refrescadora still distillation. Zacbé Mezcal, an ode to nature's purity, pays homage to the elements that nurtured the maguey plant and breathed life into this elixir. Their ethos reflects the mythical essence of mezcal, a spirit untouched by anything but the elements – water, sun, air, and earth. From the stones and wood that danced with fire during cooking to the yeasts of the maguey and the land, this mezcal embodies the essence of a rich and storied heritage.

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